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About Us

Dr. Garrett Smith opened Smith Elite Family Chiropractic in September 2016 to serve the Liberty community with the natural healing of Chiropractic care. At our Chiropractic office, you’ll receive the highest level of service from the moment you walk in. Your entire family is welcome, from newborn babies to grandmothers and grandfathers.

Our Focus: Your Nervous System

Your body’s nervous system is what enables you to use all of your senses. The information you glean from your environment is taken in through the nervous system, which then shares it with the rest of the body. This master controller communicates with every organ in the body, including your brain, heart, kidneys and bones.

We measure your nervous system health using objective, science-based technology. Once we understand whether there is interference with it that can adversely affect your health, we can make the necessary corrections so that it can work at its highest abilities. These changes allow your body to function at an optimal level so that you can heal, feel better and live well.


Who Can Benefit?

Dr. Garrett serves diverse groups of people. If you have a nervous system, Chiropractic care is for you! He sees many children who are afflicted with common issues such as bed-wetting or colic that have enjoyed quick results, bouncing back to a state of incredible health.

The adults who have sought our help have also experienced life-changing results. They feel younger than they have in years, can participate in the things they love, work all day, play with their kids, improve their golf game and so much more. People who have suffered from ulcerative colitis for years, or been plagued by debilitating migraines for most of their lives, have been able to make a recovery and live fully again.


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