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Toxins – How you could be causing trauma at Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner.

Stop right there before you take another bite! What you are eating could be causing your pain! Have you ever felt like feeding your kids is like maneuvering a toxic jungle? You don’t know whether to eat gluten or dairy; what kinds of foods might harm your body; what type of Buttonsugar to eat; whether to vaccinate […]

The Initial Trauma – Birth

The Initial Trauma – Birth Most of the patients who first seek help from Chiropractic care are experiencing back pain of some kind. They come in because of a physical trauma, and can tell us where it hurts. But what about those people who cannot speak for themselves, the most vulnerable among us? Babies and young […]

That pain did NOT come out of nowhere – understand micro-trauma

If people have a major trauma, like a car accident or a fall, they can point to the event that caused their pain. It makes sense to them. Something happened. They had an injury. Other times, patients tell me they were not doing anything unusual when their pain started. Maybe they bent over in a […]

A Physical Trauma does more than just Cause Pain (But your Chiropractor can fix that)

Most people are familiar with how chiropractic can help ease the pain of physical trauma. It is most commonly where people start, but pain is just one sign of how physical trauma may be affecting your body, and your well-being. Pain sends people in I often get a patient who first comes in because they […]

Feel both wired and tired at the same time?

If you feel like you are in a crisis mode constantly – maybe it is because you are. It happens to a lot of people in this country. We go, go, and go. We are in a constant crisis mode, never able to fully relax, in a prolonged state of stress. If you find yourself […]

Why I became a Chiropractor (One doctor’s story)

Brown G., O’Leary M., Byron I. I was healthy and young. I played college football at the University of Central Missouri. I knew about Chiropractic, but I didn’t think I needed it – yet. Then, I hurt my back […]

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Improvement in All Areas of Life

We've seen a lot of improvement in his speech and his vocabulary has grown vastly. I'm able to have more conversations with him. He has more control over his body and we're seeing so much improvement in all areas of his life.

- Cynthia Presnell


Given Her Life Back

In only 4 visits for my daughter, they have given her life back to her. Relieving her completely from debilitating depression for over 10 yrs, anxiety, OCD, and panic attacks that at times kept her from going out.

It is truly a miracle. She is playing music, painting, drawing. She told me tonight she can't ever remember being this happy in her life. I thank God for leading me to Dr. Steve. He may just have saved her life. She has been suicidal for years. She is just 19 yrs old. God bless you Steve for saving my daughter and me from the hell we've been in for so long.

- Penny Garrett


Increased Affection

The increase in affection has been the greatest reward since our son started care. We are so grateful Dr. Steve.

- Tina Kirby


Seizure Free!

We have seen so many changes in Liam since he’s been coming. He went from having up to 60 seizures a day to seizure free.

- Beth Higgins


Kindness, Respect & Patience

Dr. Steve and his staff at the Center for Health and Human Potential have treated our daughter with special needs with total kindness, complete respect, and immeasurable patience.

It has been one of the most comfortable experiences with healthcare, and we would recommend any parent to look into services at CHHP, whether to improve a specific condition or to seek out general health benefits from their approach to chiropractic care.

- Ritsuko Huth


Improvement with Seizures

Although Dylan still has a long way to go, we have seen significant improvements with his seizures, medication dosages, and trunk control. I feel confident that we will see even more progress as he continues to see Dr. Steve!

- Laura McNamara


More Sociable and Happy

My daughter has come out of her shell. She is more sociable on her own without being prompted to speak. It's a wonderful feeling to see her so happy where before I would have to encourage her to reply to people when spoken to. She is on the safety patrol at school and encourages students K-8 to follow rules. I can't believe she is telling 8th graders to follow rules!

- Norma Ayala