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Sports and Athletic


Sports and Athletic Chiropractic Care in Liberty

Athletes from the NFL, NBA, NHL, Olympics and more are creating awareness in the public of what they’ve long known: that Chiropractic care is an incredible asset to all level of athletes! Whether you’re a high school or college player, a professional athlete or like to be active on the weekends, we can ensure you perform at your best.

As a former college football player, Dr. Garrett can personally attest to how much chiropractic care helped him recover from injury and improve his overall performance.

Returning From Injury

If you’ve been injured, a proper diagnosis is essential to returning to the game. We’ll assess your needs and the structure of your spine to determine the cause of any problems you’re having. Your nervous system health will be assessed with the use of the Insight™ Subluxation Station, allowing for an in-depth view of imbalances that may be present. These scans can also indicate a potential for injury and about your capacity to heal.

What milestones might you reach with sports and athletic care in Liberty? Contact us today to learn more! We offer late opening hours and have digital X-ray facilities on-site.

Reaching Your Goals

Whether you’re in pain, want to return to the game quickly, desire an increased range of motion, are scheduled for surgery and want a second opinion or want to improve your function, we can help. Those who have a concussion may be interested to know that the damage caused to the head and neck result in inflammation in the spinal cord and block cerebrospinal fluid from moving as it should in the brain and body. We can balance your nervous system to put you in a state of healing.

The acupuncture services at Smith Elite Family Chiropractic can also help those with concussions and other injuries, decreasing areas of inflammation and helping you heal quickly.


One athlete Dr. Garrett saw instant results with was a wrestler who was participating in a tournament. After being slammed into the mat, he couldn’t lift his arm above shoulder height. Dr. Garrett, in attendance at the competition, gave him a Chiropractic adjustment on the sidelines to correct a rib that was out of alignment. The wrestler then returned to the tournament and went on to win it all!

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